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Do you know what to do when you get hacked? We do.

Asia’s first cyber incident response service tailored to small and medium sized businesses.

The leading cyber incident response solution for Asian business

IR-1 is a yearly subscription designed for small and medium sized enterprises in the Asia Pacific region with fewer than 500 endpoints, and with limited IT and security resources.

As part of your 1-year subscription, your organisation receives:

Icons/ic incident response

Emergency incident response

Quick and easy activation of our local support service in case of a suspected attack.

Icons/ic security scans

Weekly recurring Blacklight security scans

We identify vulnerabilities in your systems and alert you to critical gaps in your defence.

Icons/ic cybersecurity resources

Cybersecurity resources

Insightful reports, practical guides and other actionable information for you and your team.

Additionally, receive reduced rates for additional tools and services which help you prepare for and mitigate the effect of a cyber incident. Contact us below to learn more.

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To prepare and defend.
When someone breaks into your shop, you call the police. When there’s a fire, you call the fire department. But who do you call when you’ve been hacked? That’s where we come in.
Blackpanda is Asia's leading local cyber incident response firm, dedicated to helping regional businesses strengthen their cyber resilience and secure their digital operations.
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Blacklight security scans

See your company like hackers see it.

Gain crucial visibility into your organisation’s attack surface and a better understanding of your vulnerabilities with Blacklight scans as part of your IR-1 subscription.

Your key benefits:

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    Prevent hackers from exploiting gaps in your defences

  • Icons/ic ellipse

    Efficiently allocate resources to critical vulnerabilities that pose the greatest risk

  • Icons/ic ellipse

    Gain a better understanding of your infrastructure and address misconfigurations

  • Icons/ic ellipse

    Strengthen your cyber defences over time with tailored recommendations

  • Icons/ic ellipse

    No complicated installations or system interference with our cloud-based, external scans

How Does IR-1 Work?

Suspected Cyber Incident

Client contacts Blackpanda’s 24/7 notification centre.


Blackpanda acknowledges incident

Blackpanda specialists work with client to collect preliminary information and identify type of incident.


Responders define scope of incident, plan course of action and begin containment.

Contain & Recommend

Blackpanda contains the incident to prevent further damage and provides assessment of data loss and root cause. If needed, Blackpanda will attempt to recover lost data.

Final Report

Report includes recommendations on actions for further remediation and long-term security improvements.

Ir1 by blackpanda

How can I buy IR-1?

We currently sell IR-1 exclusively through our channel partners across Asia. We are proud to be partnering with some of the largest and most innovative companies in the region.

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Need more cybersecurity support?

For organisations that want to improve their cyber resilience even further, cyber insurance may be a good option. We partner with Pandamatics Underwriting, one of Asia’s first home-grown cyber MGAs, to provide preferential rates to Blackpanda customers who buy an insurance policy.

IR-1 subscription

Ir1 by blackpanda
  • Icons/ic blackpanda

    Emergency incident response

  • Icons/ic blackpanda

    Security scans

  • Icons/ic blackpanda

    Cybersecurity resources

  • Icons/ic blackpanda

    Exclusive events

Cyber insurance

By pandamatics
Icons/ic blackpanda

Everything in an IR-1 subscription

  • Icons/ic plus

    Extensive post-breach remediation and business restoration

  • Icons/ic plus

    Legal counsel to manage the regulatory and legal fallout from a breach

  • Icons/ic plus

    Public relations support to avoid reputational damage

Reproduced here with the permission of Pandamatics Underwriting. Original found at Pandamatics

Much like IR-1, cyber insurance is your critical support network for when the worst happens - it is just even more comprehensive.

Find out more at


If you cannot find the answer to your question, contact our Sales team and they’ll be happy to talk to you.

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Defend your business.

Subscribe to IR-1.

They say it's not a matter of if you get attacked, but when. With IR-1 by Blackpanda you strengthen your cyber defences and build greater resilience to cyber attacks. In a crisis, we are your local partner on hand to guide and support you, so you don't have to fight alone. Speak to our team today about how IR-1 can help your organisation.

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